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Rent a charming masquerade-box and give everyone at the party a chance to transform into a character, win the masquerade-prize or maximize you're flirtingodds. We got everything from spangledresses, pinstriped suits, wizard´s cloaks and wigs in all the colors of the rainbow!

With our masquerade-box you and your colleagues will rent a box full of clothes, wigs, accessorys and jewelry’s. During the evening you will be able to combine all the items as you want and as many times as you want. Unlike other companies that rent out costume, we at Middagsaktivitet thinks combining the items with your friends is the best part of the dressing out. Try everything on and find you're personal style for the night!

To make is at easy for you as possible, we will send you the box so that you can pick it up at yore closest DHL-place. Make sure to order the box in time, especially if you are a large group, if you want to hire a stylist or have any wish regarding style.


  • The price is including vat, shipping, return-shipping and washingcosts.

    Only adults over 18 years can order our products.

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