In this muder clue you or someone else of the participant will lead the activity. In that way it will be both cheaper and more intimate than many other types of murder clues. Inside the box all the material will be provided in a way so that you as a instructor also can be a part of the task of trying to solve the clue. Minimum number of participants is 8 persons, remember to count yourself as 1 participant when summarising the total for your order. In total there are 20 happy characters in this story. Are you more than 20 participants? Then duplicates of the party participants simply appear. Most often, this leads to collaborative characters among themselves and adds rather than accelerates the experience. All participants gets their own material however,  that is being prepared just for them.


>> More info regarding leading your own event and the theme


Don´t forget to fill in who may participant you will be at the checkout!

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Murder Clue DIY

  • Minimum order is for 8 participant. So you will need to fill in at least 8 or more to be able to order the box.

  • It can take up to 6 workingdays before you get your package. During this time will prepare your box and it can take up to 5 wokingdays for DHL to deliver. (But usally it will take 2-3 workingdays for the package to arrive from the day you put in your order.)


    The material inside the box is specially made for you and your group with a personal touch, so you will have no right to return the product.


    Only adults over 18 years can order our products. Suitable activity for adults over 18 years old.