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In this exiting new theme you and your group will play a role in a classic postapocalyptic drama. Heroes, violence enthusiasts and coward will try to cooperate to figure out the cure to the virus that is spreading, at the same time as they have to watch out for bad guys and crazy scientists. Every character has a piece of the solution, that has to be combined to make any sense. When you are purchase a apocalyptic-box, you or one of the other participant, will be the instructor and lead the game forward. To be the instructor is an exiting task and you can still be a part of figuring out the solution at the end! Minimum number of participants is 8 persons, remember to count yourself as 1 participant when summarising the total for your order. In total there are 20 happy characters in this story. Are you more than 20 participants? Then duplicates of the party participants simply appear. Most often, this leads to collaborative characters among themselves and adds rather than accelerates the experience. All participants gets their own material however, that is being prepared just for them.


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Don´t forget to fill in who may participant you will be at the checkout!

The price is including vat.




Apocalypse DIY

  • Minimum order is 8 participant. So you will need to fill in at least 8 or more to be able to order the box.

  • You will get your package delivered within 2-9 workdays. We create a tailored box according to your order, the package is then delivered by DHL. Average delivery time is 3-5 days.


    The material inside the box is exclusively produced for you and your group with a personal touch. Therefor we do not offer any refunds.


    Only adults over 18 years can order our products. Suitable activity for adults over 18 years old.

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